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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) pays monthly cash benefits to people who have been or will be unable to work for a year or more because of a physical or mental illness, injury or other condition. Generally, after a waiting period, SSDI eligibility also entitles you to receive Medicare benefits — even if you are under age 65.

The SSDI benefit amount is based on your lifetime earnings. This amount is stated in annual Social Security statements that you may have received by mail in the past and that now may be found online at

At The Disability Law Office of Jeffrey S. Lichtman, LLC, I can help you obtain the SSDI cash and medical insurance benefits that you need and deserve. My well-trained, supervised legal team will review your situation, explain the benefits to which you may be entitled and take effective action to obtain those benefits for you.

How To Qualify For SSDI Benefits

To qualify for SSDI benefits, you must meet several requirements. You must first have worked long enough and recently enough at a job in which you paid the Social Security payroll tax. You must also have a physical or mental health condition that seriously limits your ability to engage in work-related activity, and which has already or is expected to keep you out of work for a year or more. Proof is critical. To obtain Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you must have one or more doctor's records showing that you are seriously impaired. Ideally, a doctor will provide a statement about your limitations, which is supported by clinical and laboratory findings in the records.

Getting You Benefits, Even When You Can't See The Impairment

Some cases are hard to prove. They are tougher when the problems aren't as obvious, when an impairment keeps a person from doing something — anything — for eight hours a day, five days a week, but when others can't immediately see that impairment.

Many genuinely disabling conditions are difficult to diagnose by objective testing. In cases like that, it is up to your lawyer to present your doctors' reports properly and to convince the government of your SSDI eligibility. I am driven to help my clients obtain necessary benefits in these situations. I work hard to obtain the best possible result for each client.

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