What would you do if you woke up paralyzed?

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We all like to think we can predict the future. We make our decisions, whatever they are, believing they are well-informed and have considered all of the possibilities. We often are proved wrong. Few people ever think they could suffer an injury or illness that would leave them disabled.

And fortunately, for most people, they remain generally healthy and able to continue working until they qualify for Social Security retirement benefits. But “most people” does not mean “all people,” and no one knows which group they will fall into.

Because few plan to develop a permanent disability, few sign up for private insurance that would cover this event. And that is why the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is important. Everyone who pays the FICA tax and has worked enough quarters is potentially eligible.

That availability is vital, as is demonstrated by one man from Oregon, who woke up and found his legs were paralyzed. Doctors diagnosed that he was suffering from transverse myelitis, an unusual autoimmune disease that affect the spinal cord, often occurring after a person has suffered an infection.

He had been working selling used cars and was managing living out of a very small apartment. Since losing his ability to work, he lives with the constant stress of worrying about being able to pay his rent.

He has submitted a claim for SSDI and seems to have sufficient serious, documented medical problems to permit an easy approval of his benefits. The SSA has expedited his application, but he is relying on the grace of his landlord to prevent his eviction.

Sudden accidents or illness can send our lives into a tailspin. Social Security disability benefits can help stop that tailspin, and an application for SSDI that is clear can help speed approval of your benefits.

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