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April 2015 Archives

Understanding the complications of a traumatic brain injury

Whether it is through a work accident, a sporting accident or a car accident, every day, Pennsylvanians suffer traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes these injuries are so severe that they affect a person's everyday life, including his or her ability to work. In fact, sometimes the aftereffects of a traumatic brain injury are so severe that a person may become permanently disabled. Therefore, it is important to understand what complications can stem from a traumatic brain injury.

Can a Pennsylvania resident seek SSD benefits for joint injuries?

Industrial work, construction work and other types of physical labor can take a toll on a worker's joints. Joint pain and injuries can sometimes result in permanent pain and loss of function. Unfortunately, for many workers in Philadelphia, joint injuries can put an end to their careers. Filing for Social Security disability benefits for injuries may be a choice for these workers.

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