Can a Pennsylvania resident seek SSD benefits for joint injuries?

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Industrial work, construction work and other types of physical labor can take a toll on a worker’s joints. Joint pain and injuries can sometimes result in permanent pain and loss of function. Unfortunately, for many workers in Philadelphia, joint injuries can put an end to their careers. Filing for Social Security disability benefits for injuries may be a choice for these workers.

When it comes to awarding benefits in such situations, the Social Security Administration will examine a number of factors. When it comes to the major dysfunction of a joint there must be a gross anatomical deformity. This can take the form of instability or contracture. It could also take the form of ankylosis or subluxation. In addition, there must be proof of joint stiffness and pain that is chronic and limits the person’s ability to move the joint.

Furthermore, the condition must either involve the ankle, knee, hip or any other major weight-bearing joint that causes the individual to be unable to move effectively. Alternatively, the condition must involve both of the individuals wrists, both of the individual’s elbows, both of the individual’s shoulders or other major upper extremities, which results in that individual’s inability to carry out fine motor and gross motor activities.

Joint pain can be unbearable to live with. Those who suffer from it may find that not only are they unable to return to their former jobs, but that they are unable to take on any jobs at all. Social Security Disability benefits are meant to help people in situations like these.

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