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July 2015 Archives

Mental illness can cause a social security disability

Pennsylvanian mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression, can be every bit as damaging to a person as a physical illness or injury. Each can make it difficult for a person in Philadelphia to perform his or her duties at work, or even leave the house altogether. The daily struggle for people with a mental illness is all too real and debilitating.

Social Security Disability may have overpaid Pennsylvanians

Many residents of Philadelphia may have heard of the troubles plaguing our nation's Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI) program. In fact, the program is facing a shortfall of almost 20 percent before the end of the next year. Adding to the programs woes is a new report issued by the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Office of the Inspector General that states that many recipients of disability benefits may have been overpaid.

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