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December 2015 Archives

The right help can be key when applying for disability benefits

Being seriously injured in Philadelphia comes with a whole host of physical, mental and financial consequences. Not only is one's health severely compromised, but a person who suffers a serious injury could find his or her whole life turned upside down. An injury could not only cause severe ongoing pain, but could result in the need for many costly medical treatments. These costs are made all the more burdensome when a person cannot return to work to earn a living.

Diagnostic tests for spine injuries

Sometimes an accident happens -- whether it is a car accident, a workplace accident or a slip-and-fall -- wherein a person in Philadelphia injures his or her spinal cord. This can be an emergency situation. When a person goes to the hospital after such an incident complaining of neck pain, back pain, is weak or not fully conscious, doctors need to determine whether there is a spinal cord injury. What diagnostic tests may be performed in these situations?

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