The right help can be key when applying for disability benefits

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Being seriously injured in Philadelphia comes with a whole host of physical, mental and financial consequences. Not only is one’s health severely compromised, but a person who suffers a serious injury could find his or her whole life turned upside down. An injury could not only cause severe ongoing pain, but could result in the need for many costly medical treatments. These costs are made all the more burdensome when a person cannot return to work to earn a living.

In situations such as this, an individual may wish to seek Social Security disability benefits for injuries in order to make ends meet. However, doing so may be easier said than done. When applying for Social Security disability benefits it is important to properly document your condition. The proper documentation could be the key between being awarded benefits or a denied claim.

The Social Security Administration will scrutinize each application in order to make a determination about the extent of the applicant’s disability, including how the injury affects the applicant’s ability to work. The worker’s physical abilities, how long the worker’s condition has persisted and the likelihood of improvement will all be examined.

For all of these reasons, those who wish to apply for Social Security disability benefits may want to seek legal help. For over two decades, attorney Jeffrey S. Lichtman has represented clients who are seeking disability benefits. He regularly works with physicians and examines his clients’ medications and medical records, in order to give his clients his opinion regarding the viability of their claims. When one suffers a disabling injury, they should not be subject to more stress than is necessary. By having a professional handle the details of applying for benefits, injured individuals can focus on their health.

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