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March 2016 Archives

Seeking SSD benefits for a mental illness can present challenges

Living with a mental illness can cause a person in Philadelphia to suffer day in and day out. It may even cause them to lose touch with reality and, in the worst of cases, may even cause them to attempt to take their own life. Prompt and appropriate treatment of these diseases is essential to allow that individual experience an independent life. Despite that, individuals with mental illnesses may find it difficult or even impossible to hold down a job. When this happens, individuals may find that the only way they can take care of themselves is by receiving Social Security disability benefits.

Does age matter when applying for disability benefits?

When determining whether to award an individual in Philadelphia Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will consider whether an individual can perform another type of work, and a person's age may factor into this decision. For example, a younger disabled worker may not be able to return to the person's former employment, but the person may be able to do another type of work, particularly if that work is less demanding.

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