Not all factors applied to a disability application are medical

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It may seem straightforward that if you worked and paid into the Social Security system through automatic payroll deductions, you should qualify for benefits if you were to become disabled. However, things rarely work so easily. In fact, people in Philadelphia may know that they need to apply for Social Security disability benefits but may be surprised to find out that oftentimes an individual’s initial application for benefits is denied, necessitating an appeal. Therefore, it is important for an individual’s initial application to be as complete as possible.

Of course, this means that the applicant needs to provide substantial evidence of their medical condition with regard to their disability. However, what non-medical factors may be considered when the Social Security Administration decides whether to approve an application for SSD benefits?

One non-medical factor that the SSA may consider is how old the applicant is. In addition, an applicant’s level of education and work experience may be considered. The higher the level of education an applicant has, the more difficult it may be to receive benefits, as the SSA may deem the applicant eligible to perform other kinds of work. Similarly, if a person has developed years of experience in the workplace, it may be more difficult to receive benefits. However, if an applicant’s work experience did not really provide the applicant with much in the way of true skills that could be transferable to other types of work, this may work in the applicant’s favor.

Educated or skilled workers seeking disability benefits should not lose hope, however. With the right combination of medical evidence and other evidence demonstrating that the applicant is unable to perform any substantial gainful activity for a year or more, he or she may be qualified to get benefits. However, it may be helpful to engage the services of an attorney when doing so.

The professionals at the disability law office of Jeffrey S. Lichtman, LLC, have been assisting clients seeking SSD benefits for more than two decades. Attorney Jeffrey S. Lichtman handles his client’s cases all the way from the initial application to representing his clients in court if necessary. The following webpage on the factors the SSA takes into account when deciding whether to award benefits may be informative to those who have decided to apply for benefits.

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