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September 2016 Archives

A craniectomy doesn't always prevent a severe disability

Head injuries can be life-threatening and often require swift medical action to prevent fatalities. Sometimes when a person in Philadelphia suffers a severe injury to his or her head, doctors need to remove a portion of the person's skull, in a procedure that is known as a craniectomy. Doing so releases the pressure in the person's brain, and is often the only way to keep the person alive.

A torn ACL can be a disabling injury

Many Pennsylvanians may have heard of famous athletes, such as football players, tearing their ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). However, an ACL injury can happen to just about anyone, whether it is through a sports accident, car accident or even just by a slip-and-fall accident. However, many people may not know exactly what constitutes an ACL injury.

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