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October 2016 Archives

Pennsylvanians with respiratory disorders can seek SSD benefits

Many people in Pennsylvania with severe respiratory disorders can attest to how such a disorder can affect every aspect of one's life. If a person is struggling to complete the most basic of daily tasks due to a severe respiratory disorder and cannot work for a year or more, that person may want to consider seeking Social Security disability benefits. They may be heartened to hear that the Social Security Administration as of October 7, 2016, has added Respiratory Disorders to its Listing of Impairments. By doing so, the SSA recognizes that if all requirements are met, disorders falling under this umbrella may qualify an individual for SSD benefits.

Can a person with a disability work without losing benefits?

Putting in a hard day's work is a matter of pride for many people in Pennsylvania, which is why some of those with disabilities may want to try to re-enter the workforce at some point in their lives. They may, however, be concerned about whether their disability will truly allow them to work in the long run, and what will happen to their Social Security disability benefits when they go back to work.

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