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November 2016 Archives

A spine injury may qualify for disability benefits

Philadelphians may give little thought to the amazing functions our bodies accomplish without our even thinking of it. One of these functions is our brain's ability to communicate with the rest of our body. Our body's central nervous system is comprised of the brain and the spinal cord, which control the body's movement and sensation. When this ability to transmit messages between the brain and the body, due to a spinal cord injury, it could result in paralysis.

Applying for SSD benefits may not be as easy as you think

There is a myriad of serious health issues that could plague a person in Pennsylvania. Sometimes these issues are chronic, leading a person to the point of disability as time marches on. Other times it is a sudden injury or illness that significantly impacts a person's health, leading to disability and an inability to work. It's times like these that being able to secure Social Security disability benefits is more important than ever.

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