Benefits are crucial for disabled workers

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Social Security disability benefits are an option for disabled individuals with the necessary work history to qualify for benefits to consider. Typically, the work history requirement to qualify for benefits is 10 years for a disabled individual 31 years or older. It is important to understand that the Social Security disability application process includes the initial application, as well as several levels of appeals if the application has been denied which many are.

Factors that are considered when evaluating a claim for Social Security disability benefits include the age of applicant; the education of the applicant; the applicant’s work experience; and the applicant’s ability to read, write and communicate in English. In addition, the applicant’s physical or mental medical condition causing the disability will also be considered when determining eligibility for benefits and if the claim for benefits will be approved.

The appeals process includes a request for reconsideration and can include a hearing before an administrative law judge, an appeal before an appeals council and, finally, an appeal to the federal courts if the application for benefits continues to be denied. Social Security disability benefits can be important benefits that a disabled individual, who has worked and paid into, relies upon for themselves and their family and their daily needs. Individuals who do not have sufficient work history to qualify for SSD benefits may have other options, including Supplemental Security Income, to consider.

The Social Security disability application process can sometimes seem like a complex maze which is why understanding the process, and how to apply, can be helpful. Trained guidance can be useful to help navigate the process to obtain the oftentimes badly-needed benefits.

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