‘Compassionate allowances’ for Social Security disability

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Because the Social Security disability application process can be lengthy and sometimes complex, it is helpful for disabled individuals in Pennsylvania to be familiar with the compassionate allowances program and what it entails. The compassionate allowances program allows applicants who suffer from medical conditions on the list of compassionate allowances to have their application for benefits expedited.

The compassionate allowances list includes medical conditions that are considered so severe that it is ensured they will qualify for benefits. The Social Security Administration maintains a list of medical conditions on the compassionate allowances list that currently numbers 165 qualifying medical conditions. Medical conditions on the list include various forms of cancer, heart disease, brain injury, neurological disorders, immune system disorders and others. The expedited process can save months or years in processing times.

The average wait time for an initial decision can take a long time, particularly if one’s initial application for benefits is denied necessitating an appeal. Some people wait a year or more before seeing their application for disability benefits approved. According to the Social Security Administration, an application for disability benefits for a medical condition that is on the compassionate allowances list can be processed in days.

A disability claim for Social Security disability benefits can be vital for many disabled individuals struggling to meet their everyday expenses and needs. Whatever the medical condition is that the disabled individual suffers from, it is important that they are familiar with the Social Security disability program and application process, including compassionate allowances.

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