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November 2017 Archives

How does the Social Security Administration define disability?

At some point in their life a Philadelphia resident will experience an illness, injury or ailment that keeps them from going to work. From a bad cold to a broken bone, accidents and sicknesses hit individuals throughout their lives and keep them from doing what they need to do to live their lives. However, not every ailment that plagues a Pennsylvanian will qualify them for benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Individuals with spine injuries may seek disability benefits

Social Security disability benefits are available for individuals who suffer from ailments that deprive them from the opportunity to work and earn gainful wages. Temporary injuries and illnesses that keep individuals out of work for short durations of time generally do not qualify them for disability benefits. However, when a Pennsylvania resident sustains a serious complication to a major musculoskeletal system of their body and the complication is permanent, then they may be able to pursue support from the Social Security Administration.

What to do after a claim for disability benefits has been denied

Even when a disabled individual in Philadelphia is familiar with the initial application process for disability benefits, they may not be approved right away for Social Security disability benefits. Most applications for disability benefits are initially denied. Especially because important time limits apply, it is necessary for applicants to be aware of the ways to challenge a denial of benefits.

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