Individuals with spine injuries may seek disability benefits

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Social Security disability benefits are available for individuals who suffer from ailments that deprive them from the opportunity to work and earn gainful wages. Temporary injuries and illnesses that keep individuals out of work for short durations of time generally do not qualify them for disability benefits. However, when a Pennsylvania resident sustains a serious complication to a major musculoskeletal system of their body and the complication is permanent, then they may be able to pursue support from the Social Security Administration.

One area of musculoskeletal disorders that may be covered by Social Security disability benefits is spinal cord damage. Damage to the spinal cord can come in many forms, from degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease, as well as injuries such as fractures to the bones of the spinal column. In order to file a successful claim for benefits an individual must show sufficient evidence that their spinal cord disorder prevents them from working.

For example, a person may have to demonstrate that their spinal cord disorder limits their ability move. They may have to show that the disorder manifests in significant pain or other negative sensations such as numbness. They may have to prove that their disorder causes weakness and that they are unable to stay upright long enough to do the work they need to do in order to earn an income.

Spinal cord disorders are only one small area of illness and injury that may enable a person to seek benefits from the Social Security Administration. Other physical and mental disorders and diseases are also covered by the Social Security Administration’s regulations. Readers who are unable to work because of their conditions are encouraged to discuss their needs with disability benefits attorneys.

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