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A debilitating injury may cause a permanent disability

Good fortune and health befall many Philadelphia residents who manage to live their entire lives without ever suffering serious injuries. While some may endure minor sprains and strains, or even broken bones, few suffer the debilitating harm of brain injuries, spinal trauma or other significant ordeals. Those who do suffer serious physical harm quickly learn how fast their financial lives may be impacted, and how their futures may be affected, if they need their incomes to support their families.

When disabling injuries prevent Pennsylvanians from holding down jobs and earning their own wages, they may be able to qualify for disability benefits. Social Security Disability benefits for injuries are available to men and women who cannot work and who suffer from qualifying disabilities that are expected to last for at least a year. Obtaining disability benefits for injuries is a process, though, and requires a person to submit a detailed application that outlines their condition and provides adequate support.

Because the process of seeking disability benefits can be complex, some qualified individuals may forego pursuing these often life-changing benefits because they simply do not know how to start. No person who needs disability support should give up for a lack of help: Jeffrey S. Lichtman, attorney at law, is available to guide them through the application and review processes.

Located in Philadelphia, Mr. Lichtman and his dedicated legal team are prepared to support and counsel disabled residents who just want to live their lives without financial worry. He can be reached through is firm's website on disability law, where readers can find useful information about the Social Security Administration's disability benefits' programs.

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