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Evidence is necessary to prove need for disability benefits

Securing disability benefits from the Social Security Administration is an important part of maintaining one's self-sufficiency in the world. Philadelphia residents receive these benefits based on a number of different disabling conditions and ailments that affect their mental and physical capacities to work. In order to secure these benefits, though, individuals must apply for them and in their applications must provide the Social Security Administration with evidence of their disabilities.

Evidence is proof and there are a number of different types of evidence that applicants can submit to demonstrate their disabilities. First, they can submit medical documentation of their disability, and that documentation should show both the presence of the disability and the severity of the disability affecting the applicant. Medical documentation can be provided by the applicant's doctors for the purposes of securing disability benefits.

Second, if the applicant's medical documentation is not enough to prove the presence of a disability then the applicant may be asked to submit to an examination by a doctor selected by the Social Security Administration. Based upon the information collected during the examination the doctor selected for the disability review may provide a report to the Social Security Administration that either finds or does not find that the applicant suffers from a qualifying disability.

The Social Security Administration will look at an applicant's lifestyle as well to see if there are other causes of the symptoms that the applicant claims to be associated with their disability. All of this information and evidence is they used by the Social Security Administration to decide if an applicant qualifies for disability benefits.

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