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Will an amputation qualify for disability benefits?

When the Social Security Administration evaluates an applicant's claim of disability, it looks for whether that applicant may be able to do work in their general field of experience or other possible employment paths. Depending on an applicant's type of amputation, their loss may allow them to qualify for disability benefits. This post will discuss how amputation may qualify a Pennsylvania resident for disability benefits, but as always, readers are reminded that their disability benefits' claims will be reviewed by the Social Security Administration on a case-by-case basis.

One type of amputation that may qualify a person for disability benefits is hand amputation. If a person needs their hands removed, then it is possible for them to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits. Additionally, hemipelvectomy or hip disarticulation can also qualify individuals for help under the disability benefits program.

Other types of amputation can also be sufficient to prove disability to the Social Security Administration. Generally, multiple amputations and those that prevent an applicant from effectively moving around may avail individuals to approval for benefits by the Social Security Administration.

Not all amputees will have their requests for disability benefits approved. This is because not all amputations limit the earning potential of those who suffer from losses of limbs and appendages. But, amputations can be considered disabilities, and it is important for those who have had to endure them to know their rights with regard to disability benefits. Legal professionals who support people with disabilities can provide case-specific guidance to men and women who have gone through amputations and who want answers to their benefits' questions.

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