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We all hate admitting that something is wrong; however, when it is clear that our health is not all right, individuals in Pennsylvania and elsewhere will likely seek out the advice of a medical professional. In these matters, it can be shocking to learn that one has a serious illness. Whether it is due to a work environment, other exposures or something that is simply out of his or her hand, the reality is that such a diagnosis can disrupt and alter the life of an individual. A severe illness could mean ongoing medical and depreciating health. It could also cause the condition to be debilitating, as it prevents him or her from living a normal life or even maintaining a job.

For those living with a disabling illness, it is important to explore what options and rights are afforded to them. Most know about the Social Security disability system; however, they may not fully understand what goes into the application process and how long it can take. At Jeffrey S. Lichtman, our experienced legal team understands the requirements involve din the SSD application process.

THe SSA has strict definitions when it comes to disability. An applicant must meet this definition in order to obtain approval. Meeting this definition means providing evidence. Our law firm has helped past clients understand what evidence is necessary to prove eligibility. Additionally, if a client is denied, we help them understand that this is not the end of the road. Our experienced lawyers look at the situation further, determining what added information and evidence could help the individual during reconsidereation and appeal.

To larn more, check out our law firm's Socail Security disability website. Living with a debilitating illness can be challenging. This is especially true if the individual is no longer abel to work or care for him or herself. Seeking SSD benefits could help offset the financial hardshps caused by this situation.

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