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For individuals living in Pennsylvania and other states across the nation, it is clear that not everyone has the same abilities. This does not make anyone better or worse; however, it does mean that some individuals are faced with conditions or injuries that make it harder to do everyday things or even hold down a job. Living with a disability can present challenges. While it is possible to make accommodations and lead a normal life, one may still endure financial hardships due to ongoing medical costs and the inability to work.

Social Security disability benefits are designed to help those living with disabilities that are so serious he or she in unable to work. In order to obtain these benefits, individuals need to go through the application process. Many have probably heard how this process can be, causing them to be apprehensive. Because many initial applications are denied. However, this should not deter people from filing an application.

At Jeffrey S. Lichtman, our legal team is dedicated to guiding our clients through the process of securing SSD benefits. The SSA seeks detailed information and evidence to prove that an applicant has suffered or will suffer from a disability for at least a year or will result in his or her death. The disability has be so serious, that he or she cannot do the work previous done or complete work that is adjusted for him or her.

Our law firm looks at the facts of the matter, helping clients collect all necessary information and evidence. This means obtaining medical records, witness accounts and even work documentation. By filing in any gaps, it is more likely to obtain an approval. Even if a denial occurs, our law firm can help clients with the appeals process.

To learn more, check out our law firm's Social Security disability website. No matter how long you have been living with a disability, how it occurred or where you are in the application process, it is important to understand your rights so you can timely secure these benefits

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