Helping you secure SSD benefits

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Because every disability case is different, every one views the application process differently. For some, it can seem like an excellent opportunity and they are happy and excited to initiate the process. Others are intimidated, hearing that many are initially denied and the backlog for appeals is tremendous. The lawyers at Jeffery S. Lichtman don’t want this information to deter them from applying for SSD benefits. In fact, our legal team is devoted to helping those in the Philadelphia area better understand the process and how they can successfully secure disability benefits.

We understand that details are key. In order to prove eligibility, one must provide evidence that they meet the SSA’s strict definition of disabled. In addition, based on the disability he or she claims to have, evidence must prove that he or she meets the SSA’s definition of this disability. Our law firm takes the time to help our clients efficiently and timely collect all necessary evidence. Whether it is medical documents, work records or even expert testimony, we take the time to ensure we have all our basis covered.

Whether you seek to file an initial application or are considering an appeal, it is important to become well informed. To learn more, check out our law firm’s Social Security disability website. This information can help put everything into perspective, helping you take appropriate action in your situation.

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