Neck injuries and SSD benefits

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There are various types of neck injuries. Some of these are minor; however, others are severe and debilitating temporarily or permanently. The vast majority of neck injuries affect the soft tissue. This means the injury impacts the muscles, ligaments and fascia of the neck. Common injuries include a crick in the neck, muscle strain and a neck sprain. These are relatively minor when compared to neck injuries that impact the nerves or the spinal cord.

Injuries that can be more severe include whiplash, herniated disc, stingers and burners, neck fracture, cervical dislocation and a spinal cord injury. These injuries can result in significantly more damage and pain, even requiring surgery to address the damage caused by the injury. In these cases, an accident victim will require time to recover and go through rehabilitation.

Recovering from a neck injury can take time, which could mean not working for an extended period of time. Social Security disability benefits could help offset the financial upset a person experiences during the recovery period if it is determined to be a disability lasting at least a year.

Living with a disabling injury is a challenging situation. Recovery can take time, and time can cost money. The inability to work because of an injury can cause financial hardships. In these matters, it is possible to seek assistance by applying for social security disability benefits. These benefits could help address financial losses caused by a disabling injury, assisting with providing his or her basic needs.

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