What information is needed for SSD benefits?

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What information is needed for SSD benefits? The Social Security administration need to determine that an applicant is suffering from an eligible disability before benefits can be awarded. Not only is medical documentation needed to prove he or she meets the SSA’s definition of disability, an applicant must be able to indicate the type of work he or she was able to do prior to suffering a disability.

In order to illustrate this, an applicant needs to provide information about their past job, what tasks they did and what skills were learned from that position. Next, information regarding what the applicant is currently able to do, if anything at all, in their work position. If a disabling injury or illness prevents one from doing their past work or adjusted work, this must be evidenced by proper documentation.

Finally, information regarding the applicant’s education and training is necessary. This helps the SSA determine if, based on the applicant’s age, education, training and work experience, if he or she can do other types of work. If this is not possible, it is likely that SSD benefits will be awarded.

Living with a disability, no matter how new, is a challenge. It can have a sudden and impactful alteration to the life of an individual. Thus, it is vital to explore your rights in these situations, taking the time to fully understand what is required in the application process.

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