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Activity vs. rest could promote brain injury recovery

Some injuries are more severe than others. Thy can be so severe, in fact, that a person may never fully recover from it. In these cases, the individual may have his or her life impacted for the rest of their life. This could mean the inability to live life as they once could, accomplish basic tasks, take care of him or herself and even maintain employment. In these cases, it is important to understand how the Social Security Administration could assist them. Even if the injury is recoverable, if it is disabling for a year or more, Social Security disability benefits may be available.

Take a brain injury for example. A head trauma occurring in a car crash, fall or a work accident could create many health issues. A person may struggle with daily pain in the form of headaches and migraines and their cognitive and speech skills could be impacted. While it is possible to recover from such an injury, it is often a long road.

Based on current studies, it was found that activity might help promote brain injury recovery. Traditionally, rest was commonly prescribed following a head trauma. They believed prolonged periods of rest would be an effective way to recover from a brain injury. However, new studies found that re-engaging the brain immediately after a brain injury may be a more effective recovery strategy. In fact, they believe that this new, activity-centered treatment strategy could result in faster and even more complete recovery from a brain injury.

No matter what recovery path a brain injury victim takes, the reality is that the injury is likely to impact them for a significant period of time. Because of this, it is important to consider ways to address the financial hardships caused by the injury, such as the inability to work. SSD benefits could help provide financial assistance, helping one meet their basic living needs.

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