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Kids with autism likely to have unmet medical needs

According to a recent study, a number of children who are diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum are not getting the medical or mental health care they need. Whereas fewer than 10 percent of children with other types of disability are not getting the care they need, according to the study. This number is closer to 20 percent, or 1 in 5, with respect to those children who have a spectrum disorder. Among children who are not suffering under any apparent disability, under 3 percent missed out on essential services.

The study found a number of reasons for this apparent gap in medical care. In some cases, the issue is the lack of health insurance that will pay for such services. Other issues include financial problems, marital issues and things like unemployment. At times, it is just hard for families with an autistic child to find the type of care suitable for their family.

As the results of this study suggest, residents of the Philadelphia area who have a child with autism may need a lot of financial and other assistance when it comes to providing for their children. Getting the assistance may require a number of steps, one of them being applying for Social Security Disability.

Social Security Disability benefits are available for children who are eligible, including those children who have an autism-related diagnoses. However, qualifying for these benefits still requires going through the formal process of applying for them and proving that one's child is eligible. One may need the help of an attorney in order to navigate this process.

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