Sympathy alone not enough after a disabling injury

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Thankfully, most workers pay Social Security taxes, making them eligible for Social Security benefits when facing financial challenges resulting from a disabling injury that eventually leads to job loss. The Social Security Administration runs the Social Security Disability Insurance program and will grant benefits to those people whose inability to work is because of a disabling condition.

While obtaining SSDI benefits should be simple, in reality SSDI claims can be very complex. Typically, the granting of benefits is based on criteria defined in the SSA rulebook. However, defining any and all types of disabling conditions is not practically possible. Therefore, for certain cases, the SSA determines eligibility based on whether the disabling medical conditions display traits of the various disabilities that are already defined in the SSA rulebook, which often leads SSDI claim disputes.

What happens as a result is that the individual may have to submit numerous applications, file multiple appeals and support all applications and appeals with sufficient evidence. Quite obviously, so much effort can easily be overwhelming for an already disabled individual. Therefore, if that individual chooses to have professional representation for all dealings with the SSA, they might find the task more manageable.

So, if you wish to know more about SSD benefits for injuries and the available benefits, visit our website for a primer that can start you on your path to receiving compensation.

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