Beware of Social Security scams

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The Inspector General of Social Security has released a statement warning the public about government employee impersonators. These increasingly common impersonation scams revolve around the Social Security Advisory Board. The fraudulent calls even include SSAB’s name in the caller ID display.

“This caller-ID spoofing scheme has unfortunately evolved to include the Social Security Advisory Board, but it is the same type of scam, attempting to mislead people by using the trusted name of Social Security,” Inspector General Ennis said. “I encourage everyone to alert your family and friends about how common these scams are, and to be very cautious when speaking with unknown callers, even if you recognize the caller ID.”

As is usually the case with these types of calls, the scammers are looking for personal information and money. The information you should never provide over the phone includes asking for your Social Security Number, banking information or money.

Common types of phone scams to avoid

The various types of calls include:

  • Threatening calls from the SSAB
  • Technical support calls
  • Account fraud calls
  • Requests to wire money
  • Requests to add money to a prepaid debit account

What a citizen can do

Those who receive a suspicious call should immediately hang up rather than engage the caller. They can also notify the SSA online or by calling 800-269-0271.

Working with a knowledgeable Social Security Disability claims attorney from the outset is also essential. They can educate clients on the process of filing a claim, help them with paperwork, and be there to protect a client’s rights if the claim is initially denied or other irregularities emerge.

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