What to expect from SSDI benefits

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We at Jeffrey S. Lichtman, LLC, think it is important that everyone in Pennsylvania understands their benefits under Social Security Disability. We want you to feel comfortable with the benefits you receive and be able to plan ahead if you are still in the application process. Since there are numerous Social Security program, it can get confusing, so we want to clear up exactly what benefits you can expect from SSDI.

You will get your benefits from the Social Security Administration after completing an application process. If approved, you will get monthly payments for the SSA. The money you receive comes from the SSA fund that holds taxes paid into it by taxpayers. Your paid taxes help determine how much you will get in benefits. The amounts can range from about $200 to over $1000 per month.

SSA does also give cost of living raises regularly, usually every year. You can request a statement that will show you how much you are eligible for right now if you were to collect SSDI. Do keep in mind there is a maximum you may receive, so even if you paid in far more than average, you will only be able to get up to the maximum amount of monthly benefits.

You may also be able to sign your children up to get benefits due to your disability. They may be eligible until they turn 18 years old. The amount they could get also varies, but it is typically half of the amount you get.

Money is not the only benefit, though. You may also qualify for Medicare and Medicaid benefits. This will help you to afford your health care costs.

Our page of Social Security benefits can provide you with additional information about SSDI.

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