What impairments are covered by Social Security disability?

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If you are a Pennsylvania resident and have worked for jobs that are covered by Social Security, you may be eligible for disability insurance if you become injured or ill and are unable to work. The process can be lengthy and requires a formal application. Even the smallest mistake can lead to a denial and months of appeals where you do not have the money needed to live. Before you can even get started on the application process, you must first understand what impairments are covered by the fund.

The Social Security Administration provides a list of impairments for adults that includes immune system disorders, mental disorders, cancer, neurological disorders, congenital disorders, hematological disorders, skin disorders, endocrine disorders, digestive system problems, musculoskeletal injuries, respiratory disorders and special senses and speech. Children have their own categories that include many of the same disorders plus low birth weight and failure to thrive.

You are considered disabled under Social Security rules if you are totally disabled and meet the following requirements:

  • You are unable to do work that you previously did
  • The administration decides that you are unable to adjust to any other type of work because of your condition
  • Your disability is expected to or will result in death or has lasted for more than a year

The Social Security program has very strict definitions for who receives benefits and who does not. They may ask you if you are working, if your condition is severe, if your condition is on the list of approved impairments, if you can do any of the work you did before or if you can do any type of work. If you can answer these questions appropriately and apply successfully, you may be approved for benefits.

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