Do you know how to boost Social Security disability benefits?

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While you may know for a fact that you have what the Social Security Administration deems a disability, what is not certain is how much you stand to receive in disability benefits. Insufficient benefits can make your life in Pennsylvania much more complicated than it already is.

To help, see what U.S. News & World Report has to say about increasing your benefits. You deserve every penny owed to remain in good financial health.

Go above and beyond while applying

As you fill out your application for disability, be as thorough as possible. Be specific when describing how your disability impacts your day-to-day life. For instance, if it hurts for you to stand, how long does the pain last, and does it remain even after you sit down? Ask your physician for help with this step.

Do not hesitate to return to work

You may be under the impression that you cannot work whatsoever and continue receiving disability. If your condition improves over time, you can work and receive benefits simultaneously for a limited time, which is a work trial period. How it works is that you can work for nine trial months within five years, during which time you earn more than $880 a month. Once that trial period is over, you stop receiving benefits if you earn what the SSA considers “substantial,” an amount that can vary from year to year.

Research other types of assistance 

To help pick up any financial slack left behind by your benefits, look into whether you qualify for other types of assistance. You could qualify for SNAP, affordable housing or reduced energy costs.

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