Have you adjusted well to living with a disability?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Social Security Disability

A recent accident or incident lead to you filing for Social Security disability in Pennsylvania. Even with approval for benefits, you still have a long way to go in your journey to healing in body and mind. 

HelpGuide offers tips to help adjust to life with a disability. Use their insights to make your transition into an unexpected chapter in your life smoother. 

Allow yourself to grieve  

Grieving is not only reserved for those who pass on. You experienced a deeply personal loss, one that likely extends beyond the physical. Give yourself time and space to grieve and acknowledge how you feel about your loss. Know that your emotions likely will not be the same from day to day, so be kind to yourself when the emotional ebbs and flows come in the following days. 

Reach out 

If you were self-sufficient before your disability, it may feel especially difficult to reach out to other people for help and support. This is a good time to see which individuals in your life have the willingness to step up when you ask for emotional and mental support. Seeking out a support group for disabled people and seeing a therapist are both good ideas. 

Do not allow your disability to dictate your life 

Being disabled does not mean that your life has lost all meaning. Focus more on what you can still do even with your disability, and see if there are ways you can adjust your ambitions and goals to fit your life’s new trajectory. When setting new goals for yourself, ensure that they remain realistic. Now is a great time to learn some new life skills. 

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