Core question for many SSDI applicants: Should I work?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2021 | Social Security Disability

The self-directed query framed above in today’s blog headline spells a centrally important consideration for legions of individuals across the Philadelphia metro and other parts of the country.

Candidly, it can be difficult to answer.

And here’s why, obviously: Every person dealing with a disability is different, and every case involving Social Security Disability Insurance is unique.

That flat reality yields varying conclusions in SSDI matters. Some individuals’ core identities link directly to sustained work histories, and they will adamantly seek continued full-time employment even while dealing with a material physical or mental disabling impairment. Others might seek some modified work schedule. Others still might try to effectively engage in on-the-job activities and find that the effort simply cannot be maintained.

In other words, there are myriad possibilities and outcomes when it comes to the work-or-not question for SSDI applicants.

“It is impossible to give one piece of advice that is right for everyone,” duly advises one knowledgeable legal source on disability law. “What is right depends on your situation.”

Unsurprisingly, the SSDI realm comprises a fair degree of complexity and is a comparatively dense and technical legal sphere.

Many individuals deal with physical and/or mental challenges that have already kept them out for work for a year or more or are likely to do so. They reasonably have a number of pressing questions and concerns regarding the government disability process.

A proven and empathetic SSDI attorney can advocate with passion and effectiveness on their behalf, seeking an optimal outcome that always promotes their best interests.

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