Some fundamental points concerning SSDI denials

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Your application for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits at both the initial and subsequent filing stages might well be denied.

In fact, candor regarding the SSDI process essentially requires noting that the Social Security Administration’s early acceptance of a disability claim is far more a rarity than a common occurrence.

How often does an applicant face disappointment in the early innings of a disability filing?

Consider this: A proven Pennsylvania legal source addressing the SSDI program/process underscores that “approximately 67% of claims are denied at the initial determination level and a greater percentage are denied at the reconsideration level.”

The reasons why are many. One in-depth SSDI overview spotlights these core reasons influencing the denial of disability claims:

  • Paucity of convincing medical evidence buttressing an applicant’s claim that he or she cannot work owing to a disabling condition
  • History of previous denials (caveat: It is better for a denied claimant to persevere through the appeals process and, if necessary, a hearing and perhaps federal court, than to file a new claim following an initial denial)
  • Failure to dutifully follow prescribed treatment recommendations
  • Failure to be prompt, diligent and cooperative with case overseers concerning matters ranging from documentation demands to scheduled hearings and exams

A key point to note concerning SSDI claims is that staying the course through the entire process greatly increases the chance of success for most applicants who suffer early disappointment.

An experienced disability attorney can provide further information and results-oriented representation in an SSDI claim.

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