Avoid these mistakes when seeking SSD benefits

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Seeking Social Security disability (SSD) benefits represents a big step for you. It is more of a necessary step that you as a disabled worker hope will help you secure the money you need to provide for you family.

Since this is the first time you have applied for SSD benefits, you understand the need for some direction. Knowing this, you remain reluctant to dive right into it. However, you do so, anyway. If you have done some research and even work with a legal advocate, you are OK. If not, you could wind up making certain mistakes that could set you back.

Assuming eligibility

Here are some potential mistakes made by applicants of SSD benefits:

  • Assuming eligibility: This depends on factors that include whether you have been paying into the Social Security system and if you have worked long enough in gaining enough work credits. Your ailment also must prevent you from working at least a year. However, the biggest factor is whether your ailment qualifies you for benefits.
  • Expecting to be a shoo-in to receive benefits: Do not get ahead of yourself. Roughly 66% of all claims for SSD benefits are denied. During the 10-year period of 2009 to 2018, just 21% of first-time applicants were awarded benefits. Another 11% gained benefits after reconsideration and appeals.
  • Failing to assemble proper documents: The Social Security Administration (SSA) often denies claims that do not include proper documentation. Organize, organize, organize. Include paperwork such as accident reports, medical records, physician visits and surgeries.

Remaining focused and educated through research may help you avoid making these mistakes.

Apply and overcome any obstacles

You should never be dissuaded from seeking SSD benefits. You paid into the system and no longer can work, so you deserve them. Obstacles may exist, but you can overcome them.

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