Will I get more in SSD benefits if my condition worsens?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Social Security Disability

You already receive Social Security disability (SSD) benefits, which have greatly helped you and your family. But now your health has worsened and with it comes additional unforeseen expenses. Those original disability payments no longer last as long as they used to.

Now you wonder whether your deteriorating condition will lead to you getting more money in SSD benefits. That extra money would help offset the additional financial burden that include more visits to your doctor, additional prescription medication along with non-medical costs related to transportation, obtaining care and child care. Can you get more? Well, you cannot.

Benefits depend on earnings history

The monthly benefit amount you receive depends on your earnings history and how much you have paid into the Social Security Administration (SSA) system. It is not based on the scope of your disability.

The SSA has determined that you are fully disabled, meaning that your medical ailment prevents you from working for a minimum of 12 months. Although your condition has worsened, you are still considered fully disabled, but you will not gain additional disability benefits.

However, if your condition improves, you could lose those benefits. The SSA regularly monitors the medical conditions of people who receive SSD benefits. In some circumstances, the government may determine that you no longer meet medical standards, are not disabled and are ready to return to work.

Doing your best

It is a question that lingered with you for weeks as you grew more ill. Will I get a bump in SSD benefits? But now you must understand that will not be possible due to how the system works. Do your best to live with the benefits you currently receive, and maybe, in time, your condition improves so you may return to work.

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