What materials should I gather before applying for SSD benefits?

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Your medical condition is serious enough that it will likely prevent you from working a year or more. In such a situation, Social Security disability (SSD) benefits may be the answer. Consider this option to help you and your family overcome future financial struggles.

As a disabled worker, you must apply for these much-needed benefits. Many ailments qualify you for SSD benefits. But you wonder just want documents and information you will need in preparing your application. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a helpful checklist that provides solid direction.

Job history and medical conditions

Before you apply, you will need to gather all the necessary documents that will help this process go smoothly. This information will include:

  • Personal background such as marital status and number of children
  • Employer details for current year and prior two years (also information if you are self-employed)
  • Total earnings
  • Job history, including the date your medical condition began; types of jobs, duties held and up to five jobs you held 15 years prior to your condition
  • List of medical conditions
  • Dates of medical examinations and treatment along with medications
  • Information on your physicians, hospitals and clinics
  • Education and training
  • Name and number of an alternate contact who may help with your claim

When assembling this information, you will experience a smoother process when applying for SSD benefits. Apply online or via telephone at 800-772-1213. (Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local Social Security offices remain closed.)


Applying for SSD benefits represents the first step in obtaining them. Be thorough and honest when assembling your application. In time, the SSA will review your case and determine whether you qualify for these benefits.

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