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My Law Office Serves People Throughout Southwest Florida

I am attorney Jeffrey S. Lichtman, and I represent people in Southwest Florida, especially in the Sarasota area, as well as in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, eastern and southern central Pennsylvania, central and southern New Jersey, and Delaware. I handle matters of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for people who are unable to work due to illness or injury. I help them obtain cash and medical benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Together with my staff, I guide Florida residents through the SSDI and SSI claim application processes by effectively managing each step. Whether you are making an initial application for disability benefits or your claim has been denied, I can assist you. I can file your initial SSDI or SSI claim, file appeals for reconsideration and hearings and represent you at your hearing before an administrative law judge or in an appeal to the Appeals Council. I also represent Florida clients seeking disabled widow’s or widower’s benefits and adult disabled child benefits.

You Can Afford SSDI Or SSI Representation

Many people worry about the cost of hiring an attorney. They need SSDI or SSI benefits to support themselves, and they do not have extra resources to pay attorney fees. If you are worried, you should know that you can afford to hire a lawyer for your SSDI or SSI claim. In most cases, you pay no fees unless my firm secures or reinstates your SSDI or SSI benefits.

Contact An Attorney About Social Security Disability And Supplemental Security Income In Florida

If you have been out of work or are expected to remain out of work for at least one year, you may be entitled to disability benefits from the Social Security Administration through either the SSDI or SSI program. The best way to get started is to speak with me about your options.

Contact my law firm today for a free consultation. Call 215-268-7274 or toll-free at 1-800-346-7600.