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How remarriage can affect Social Security disability benefits

It often happens these days that following a divorce or the death of a spouse, a person in Philadelphia remarries. While a second marriage can bring much joy to a person's life, if that person receives Social Security disability benefits, he or she should know how getting married may affect these benefits.

When is one's eligibility for SSD benefits reviewed?

Social Security disability benefits are often the lifeline that is needed for many disabled individuals, including those in Pennsylvania. However, that doesn't mean that the benefits will last forever. Instead, the Social Security Administration will make a periodic review of a person's medical condition in order to determine whether that person still meets the requirements needed to continue receiving benefits. The timelines as to when this will be completed are dependent on the expectations of whether and how the individual's disabling illness or injury is may improve.

Personality disorders can cause a Pennsylvania disability

Mental health can be a difficult topic for many in Pennsylvania to talk about, due to the misinformation and stigma surrounding it. Because it usually does not present physical pain, one may wonder how it can affect one's ability to work. However, mental illness can be so crippling as to prevent a person not only from being able to perform their job duties, but it may prevent them from leaving their homes all together. One type of mental illness that could present such problems is a personality disorder.

Defining 'disability' for the purposes of Social Security

It goes without saying that in order to be awarded Social Security disability benefits, one must be disabled. Yet, it is important for Pennsylvanians to understand that the Social Security administration has a very strict definition of what "disability" means.

National Social Security Disability firm files Chapter 11

Residents in Pennsylvania are aware that there are various factors affecting Social Security Disability benefits for residents all over the nation. Not only has it been presumed that the benefits are set to run short in 2016, but the backlog of appeals is causing those seeking and requiring this benefit to worry. Those seeking Social Security disability, or SSD, should be aware of the current event surrounding the situation and what legal options they might have regarding it.

When can an application for disability benefits be denied?

In the past this blog has discussed the process for appealing a denied Social Security disability application. However, applicants in Pennsylvania may wonder why their application was denied in the first place. In fact, nearly two out of every three initial applications for benefits will be turned down. While this article is not to be taken as specific legal advice, it may give you a better understanding of why some claims are denied.

Some Social Security disability applications improperly approved

Many people in Pennsylvania rely on Social Security disability benefits to make ends meet if they are unable to work due to a disability. However, a new report reveals some concerning information regarding the approval of some of these claims.

Seeking SSDI or SSI for disabilities relating to mental illness

When people think of someone who may choose to pursue Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, they may immediately assume that the applicant suffers from some sort of physical injury or illness. However, mental illness can be just as debilitating as a physical injury -- even more in some cases, as these types of illnesses are often hushed-up or go untreated due to the stigma surrounding them. However, it is very important that those in Pennsylvania who need financial help due to a mental illness seek the benefits they are entitled to. Our law firm understands that this can be a confusing process.

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