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Social Security Disability Archives

How do subsidies and special conditions affect SSD benefits?

One important factor the Social Security Administration examines when determining whether to award Social Security disability benefits to an individual in Philadelphia is figuring out if the applicant's earnings exceed the substantial gainful activity (SGA) level. When calculating earnings, the SSA utilizes only the earnings that match the real value of the work the applicant does. However, sometimes an applicant's employer gives the applicant a special condition or subsidy in the workplace that could affect the person's earnings for the purposes of determining that individual's SGA.

Not all factors applied to a disability application are medical

It may seem straightforward that if you worked and paid into the Social Security system through automatic payroll deductions, you should qualify for benefits if you were to become disabled. However, things rarely work so easily. In fact, people in Philadelphia may know that they need to apply for Social Security disability benefits but may be surprised to find out that oftentimes an individual's initial application for benefits is denied, necessitating an appeal. Therefore, it is important for an individual's initial application to be as complete as possible.

Stay-at-home parents may not be able to receive SSD benefits

In general, when a person in Philadelphia works, part of what he or she earns goes to the nation's Social Security program, including a pool of resources that is allocated towards the Social Security Disability Insurance program. One may expect that if they paid into the system, they will be able to collect benefits if they need them in the future. However, things are not so clear cut.

Understanding the work credit requirements for SSD benefits

There are a number of requirements that must be satisfied for an individual in Philadelphia to receive Social Security disability benefits. For example, the individual must meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of what constitutes a disability. In general, this means the individual cannot perform the job duties they did before becoming disabled, nor can they perform any other type of work. In addition, the disability must have lasted or is expected to last at least twelve months.

What if your disability is not in the SSA's 'Blue Book'?

A serious illness or injury can cause anyone in Philadelphia to experience a significant amount of stress about their future. How long will the illness or injury keep them from working? How will they support themselves in the meantime? And, what happens if they can never return to work due to their illness or injury?

What types of documentation is needed to apply for SSD benefits?

Good health is something we can never take for granted. Even people in Philadelphia who eat right, exercise and in general take good care of themselves can fall victim to a severe injury or debilitating illness. It doesn't take long for such conditions to take a toll on a person's body, and the more severe and long-lasting the injury or illness is, the harder it is on a person's health and well-being. Unfortunately, a full recovery is never possible for some people. When this is the case, individuals may want to learn more about applying for Social Security disability benefits.

Seeking SSD benefits for a mental illness can present challenges

Living with a mental illness can cause a person in Philadelphia to suffer day in and day out. It may even cause them to lose touch with reality and, in the worst of cases, may even cause them to attempt to take their own life. Prompt and appropriate treatment of these diseases is essential to allow that individual experience an independent life. Despite that, individuals with mental illnesses may find it difficult or even impossible to hold down a job. When this happens, individuals may find that the only way they can take care of themselves is by receiving Social Security disability benefits.

Does age matter when applying for disability benefits?

When determining whether to award an individual in Philadelphia Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will consider whether an individual can perform another type of work, and a person's age may factor into this decision. For example, a younger disabled worker may not be able to return to the person's former employment, but the person may be able to do another type of work, particularly if that work is less demanding.

What happens after you are approved for SSD benefits?

Being approved for Social Security disability benefits can be a huge relief for individuals in Philadelphia, particularly if approval was a long time coming. After all, many individuals who suffer from a serious injury or illness may find that SSD benefits are the crucial lifeline they need to support themselves financially. So what exactly happens after you have been approved for SSD benefits?

What is a Social Security disability 'compassionate allowance'?

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a complex and time-consuming process, particularly if an individual's initial application is denied and the person must appeal the Social Security Administration's decision. Unfortunately, these delays can cost disabled individuals in Philadelphia more than just money -- they could cost their health or even their lives.

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