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SSDI Benefits For Family Members

When you start receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, certain members of your family may also qualify for benefits on your record. Family members may be eligible for a monthly benefit of up to 50 percent of your disability benefit rate.

Eligibility and the amount of benefits you and your dependents are eligible to receive depends on a number of factors, including your earnings history, the age of your dependents, and whether or not any of your dependents are disabled and when their disabilities began.

At my law firm, I can help you understand whether a family member may be eligible for benefits. I can also help you and your family apply for benefits for family members or appeal claims for benefits that have been denied.

Depending on your situation, benefits may be paid to a:

  • Husband or wife
  • Ex-husband or ex-wife
  • Widow or widower
  • Minor child under age 18 (or age 19 if still a full-time high school student)
  • Adult child with a disability who became disabled before age 22

Children With Disabilities

If you have a child with a disability, you were a wage earner in the past and you are now collecting Social Security benefits — whether those are SSDI benefits or retirement benefits — your disabled child may be eligible for benefits as well. In certain situations, your child may continue to receive those benefits for the rest of his or her life.

For parents, worry over a child’s well-being can be heartbreaking and very stressful. Knowing that there may be financial and health insurance benefits for a child with a disability brings peace of mind. Parents can feel more at ease knowing that the child will have necessary resources, even after they are gone.

When you speak with The Disability Law Office of Jeffrey S. Lichtman, LLC, for a free initial consultation, I can determine the benefits to which you or your family members may be entitled. We will discuss your situation and ways to try to make your life easier. Obtaining auxiliary SSDI benefits for your eligible family members is just one of the ways my office aims to support you and the people you care about.

Contact The Disability Law Office of Jeffrey S. Lichtman, LLC, For A Free Consultation

Your family may be entitled to Social Security benefits through you, depending on the situation. Whether you are making an initial application for benefits or your claim has been denied, my office can assist you. You typically pay no fees unless my team secures or reinstates your SSDI or SSI benefits.

Contact my firm today for a free consultation. Call 215-268-7274 or toll-free at 1-800-346-7600. You can also reach the firm via email.