Denied Or Refused Social Security Disability (SSDI Or SSI) Claims
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Denied Or Refused Social Security Disability (SSDI Or SSI) Claims

There are many reasons that SSDI or SSI claims are denied. Each case is different. If your claim has been denied or refused, one thing is apparent: You need professional help, and an experienced Social Security Disability attorney is best able to provide that help.

At Chermol & Fishman, LLC, we represent people at all stages of SSDI and SSI claims. Unfortunately, many of our clients come to us after their own efforts have failed. We review each client’s situation and either file new applications or appeals, as appropriate, taking forceful action to help each client achieve the best possible result.

Reasons Initial Applications Are Denied

If you are not seeing appropriate doctors and/or therapists for your health problems on a regular basis and telling them the severity of your symptoms and problems with functioning, there is a greater chance that you will not be found disabled. Many of our attorneys formerly worked for the Social Security Administration, so we have in-depth knowledge of how medical diagnoses and treatment affect Social Security Disability claims and appeals. We use this knowledge to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

Reasons initial applications are denied can include:

  • Failure to provide complete medical information
  • Failure of your doctors to provide records or to complete forms on your behalf
  • Completion of Social Security questionnaires in a way that is harmful to the disability claim
  • Problems with the medical information provided in your initial application

We can guide you through the application and appeals process, assist you in completing forms and questionnaires that impact your case and help you understand how medical information may affect your claim. We may be able to guide you about the types of medical treatment you should be seeking and tests you should be asking your doctors to conduct in order to establish your impairments and their degree of severity. We have had significant success in hearings and appeals when we challenge the SSA vocational experts, establishing that your illness or disability prevents you from working.

Fight To Earn The Benefits You Need

The best way to take action after a claim has been denied or refused is to talk with an attorney at . Contact our firm today for a free consultation by calling 215-795-4448.

We serve clients throughout the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area and eastern and south-central Pennsylvania. With additional offices in New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Kentucky and Illinois, we can also represent people nationwide, and we are ready to meet with you.